Tastachios (Tasty+Pistachios) are a healthy snack product that I created from a 30+
year passion for BBQ.  On customized roasters, I developed the wood fire roasting
method to create a truly unique tasting snack not found in any other.  In 2017 I began
to experiment with wood fire roasting a variety of nuts and it was the taste of the
Pistachio that completely changed.   Through a lot of trials we perfected the process
To create a taste that is far superior to others offered in the market.  From there,
I began to offer them to friends and family and the reaction was encouraging.  We
started the web site and began selling online, followed by farmers markets and then
the introduction to local grocery and specialty shops.  The most common reaction
when trying Tastachios for the first time is “Oh Wow” followed by “These are addicting”.  
We are enjoying tremendous growth and appreciate all the support we have received.  
Get Tastachio’d and Enjoy!


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